Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Genre Whores - Frequently Banned By Content Filters

Genre Whores describes their sound on their MySpace page as "Authentic New England Motor Folk." I think they sound like what would happen if Rhett Miller or John Joseph McCauley III decided to write songs like Nick Cave or Glenn Danzig but sing like Tom Waits. I'm a fan of all those musicians / acts, so you can imagine that I enjoy what Genre Whores are doing. The Worcester, MA - based trio combines their eclectic influences and styles with a dark folk sensibility - murder ballads updated for the modern age.

"Frequently Banned By Content Filters" is an eight-song EP available on at Genre Whores' live shows. The seven original tracks, from the breakneck stalker anthem "Chasing" to more country-inflected numbers "Light of Day" and "Southern Cross." The world painted by the lyrics of singer / guitarist Dave Leary is one peopled with sex, violence, obsession, crimes, and darkness. The one cover is "Safety in Numbers," a Joan Osborne (yes, she of the "One of Us" hit) song that morphs from girls-sitting-at-home-lamenting-their-broken-hearts to militants-holing-up-in-a-remote-bunker when delivered with Leary's growl. The EP is more fun than disturbing with Tom DuMont (bass) and Jim The Drummer (uh, drums) driving the songs with punk energy.

"Frequently Banned By Content Filters" is a fun debut. It's tough to predict what the Genre Whores might do next, it will surely be interesting, creepy, dark, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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