Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Review - Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio was released in the UK as The Boat That Rocked. They should have stuck with the original title. It would have clued the viewer in on how cheesy, unsubtle, and stupid the movie is. Absent the title, it does not take long to figure it out, between the over-the-top villainy of Kenneth Branagh (complete with Hitler moustache!) and the obviousness of characters named "Twatt" or "Thick Kevin." It's an unfunny waste of a likable cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, and two guys named Rhys (Darby and Ifans).

On the plus side: most of the acting isn't bad once you get beyond the plot and dialogue. The music is predictably terrific - lots of Who, some Jimi, some Stones, Cat Stevens, The Box Tops, The Hollies, Otis Redding, The Beach Boys ... The wardrobe is delightfully stylish, and the British accents are always cool.

The only problem was that five minutes, there was something that made me say "God, this movie is stupid." I'm not even going to link the Amazon for this one. Don't see it. Don't buy it. Eh, I'll link to the soundtrack.

Buy it from Amazon:
Pirate Radio (Soundtrack)

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