Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live Review - 4/12/2011 Charlie Sheen at Agganis Arena

From Charlie Louvin to Charlie Sheen in just a few short months.  How this blog has fallen.

What can I say about the show, but: warlock, Adonis DNA (because I said so), goddesses, seven-gram rock, tiger blood, only one speed (go), bitchin'.  If that doesn't mean anything to you, it wouldn't have meant anything to you when he repeated it over and over again live.  If it does mean something to you, you would have beeen entertained for the first fifteen minutes, after which things just began to repeat.

But the worst thing about the performance was how pathetic it was.  By pathetic, I don't mean inept and lacking in value, like a Katy Perry CD.  I mean pathetic as in full of pathos, like the story of a starving orphan.  Sheen clearly feels oppressed, and despite his aspirations to begin a revolutionary, he wants nothing more than a return to the way things were: drugs, models, his kids, and making a million bucks an episode on Two and a Half Men.  Yes, after watching ninety minutes of the supposedly trendsetting Sheen, I was left wondering if it was just a desperate ploy to get his mediocre show back.

Did I have fun?  I did.  Was that largely because of the company and the triple shot of tequila I had immediately prior?  It was.  Go drinking with your friends, or go listen to some live music; skip Charlie Sheen.

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