Friday, May 6, 2011

Live Review - 5/5/2011 Infamous Stringdusters at Brighton Music Hall

I've said plenty about the Stringdusters on this blog over the years, so not much to add about last night's stellar show.  I would like to link to banjoist Chris Pandolfi's terrific blog post on the Boston music scene, however.

The Two Man Gentleman Band was a great opener, with really high energy and stage presence that kept the crowd engaged.  They've carved out a unique niche; highly skilled old-timey-jazz music with anachronistic lyrics touches on drugs, drinking, and sex.  The songs are up-tempo and feature harmony vocals, scatting by lead vocalist / four-string guitarist Andy Bean, and kazoo by upright bass player The Councilman (who wears a top hat).  Very theatrical, very fun.  An hour-and-a-half of these guys might wear, but 45 minutes was perfect.

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