Monday, June 6, 2011

Birds Make Birds EP

It's been a while since I last checked out Birds Make Birds, so I didn't realize they had an EP out.  Many of the songs that impressed me most in their live performances made the cut, so this brief (5 song) EP is a solid effort throughout.  "Closer," "Waiting For Tomorrow," and "Jack" are memorable tunes with melodies that stick in one's head.  Birds Make Birds has a great sound - emo without being mopey, heavy but still melodic - and it really comes through on these tunes.

The production is very clear and polished.  This is great for accentuating the subtleties of lead singer / guitarist Sandrine Mehry's voice and words, Greg Lyon's guitar riffs, and Chris Mascara's bass lines, but Jen Chouinard's drumming, so impressive live, is dulled a little bit by the production.  The mix is almost too clean, making every note heard but losing some of the punk attack of their live act.

Still, the songs are great, and the band sounds very good, and the price is right (free)!  Check it out!

Download the album for free from Reverb Nation

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