Thursday, January 27, 2011

J Kerr - Spring Sheds

On this 8-track EP, indie rocker J Kerr shows off his versatility, both playing every instrument on the album, and also by spanning several different genres - from sparse electronic music on "Kind Girl" to jagged blues rock on "Hollow."

The strongest moments are the most rock-'n-roll, the bluesy numbers "Dies Irae," "1000 Cuts," and closer "In Your Head." On these tracks, Kerr is able to combine his sharp electric guitar riffs, Trent Reznor-ish singing, and dark lyrics into an appealing package. The guitar work especially stands out; he has a great feel for how much axework to put in a track. "1000 Cuts" shows this really well; the verses are backed by chunky power chords, but the chorus has a snaking guitar line. Later, he busts out a solo that almost sounds like slide guitar.

"Kind Girl" is the oddball track on the EP, with its dancy electronic backing and high keyboards. Electric guitar makes only a minor appearance in the chorus, and drums are eschewed in favor of electronic percussion. The cut is catchy, and it works, but it's a bit jarring in the middle of more rock-oriented songs.

Spring Sheds is an interesting debut, catchy, diverse, and well-produced. I'm excited to see what J Kerr has in store for the future. It's just a dollar, so pick it up today!

Download it from Bandcamp (for just $1!):
Spring Sheds
J Kerr / Spring Sheds Facebook page

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