Sunday, January 30, 2011

White Mountain Murder Circus

I noted in my New Year's resolutions that I'm working on a musical project with some friends.  This weekend was our first recording session for an as-yet-untitled "bluegrass rock opera."  It's ten songs telling the story of a man chasing a train across the country - a train that contains a dark secret that may be related to his brother's death.  We holed up for two days and laid down most of nine of the tracks.

Recording is hard work.  We didn't do tons of takes of things, and there are some points that are pretty rough, but it still took the full two days.  Because our act is largely acoustic, we didn't do a lot of experimentation with effects; I can't imagine what the recording process is like for bands that rely heavily on effects.  We'll end up re-cutting some stuff later, like my out-of-tune fiddle breaks.  It was a ton of fun though, and I feel pretty good about what we put together.

I'll post further updates here, but our Facebook page (linked below) is the authoritative place for WMMC news.

White Mountain Murder Circus Facebook page

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